Swimmer puppy treatment

Rubber backed mat.
Instant results -- no taping!
Every photo was taken just moments apart.
I have never seen anything like it.

This puppy was flat in the chest, and pelvis.
The best he could muster, was to get his
front leg under him and rear legs straight out to his side.

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Swimmer puppy Trying to get up
Note his sibling walking next to him
He was only able to get his front leg under him.
Ambulating sibling
Note, sibling has walked by, and fallen asleep,
and our hero is still trying as hard as he
can to walk. His best effort got his right leg
pulled next to his side.
1 minute later-- the rubber mat is
down, and already he is standing
and sitting
(excuse the small white dots on him --
thats from the rubber backing which flakes a bit)
and he is walking next to his sibling seconds later!

When we took the rubber backing out of the box, he went sraight back to his prior flat state.
Just a few days on the mat, and he was up for good!

 Betty, what a wonderful solution!