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Wednesday, 04 February 2015
We will do no business with GoDaddy
Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Go Daddy commercial to be aired on Super Bowl has created one very disgusted purebred fancier (me).   Their Commercial for the Super Bowl is completely unacceptable. 

  • It promotes sales of puppies via websites (if you're able to use your credit card to buy a puppy online, you're VERY unlikely to be dealing with a reputable breeder). 
  • It shows what is clearly a puppy mill as a clean facility.
  • It casts a light on anyone who has purebred puppies to sell as heartless and irresponsible. 


Here is a link to the commercial that someone managed to save (for as long as it lasts online).  If you find it gone, here is a synopsis:

Their commercial shows a pup falling out of a truck, struggling against all odds to be reunited with his family.  The moment the puppy finds his way home, the "breeder" says 'Oh, Buddy we're so glad you're home.... because we just sold you on GoDaddy', and the puppy is then seen in the back of a van leaving. This is an insult to breeders, rescuers, and pretty much anyone who cares about the well-being of the animals they're involved with. 

The puppy shown is a well fed/groomed/healthy Golden Retriever puppy.  I sure have nothing to sell, but I know a lot of breeders to do, and their buyer selection process is exhaustive.  I promise you, breeders do not make money.  A reputable breeder MIGHT come close to breaking even if everything falls into place, but they seldom do.  

1) No reputable breeder has a puppy riding in an open truck as GoDaddy shows.

2) No reputable breeder would be idle at home if they ever had a puppy missing

3) While GoDaddy is trying to poke at Puppy Mills, they miss their mark. This is what a puppy mill looks like and this .


In contrast, this is the "farm" the GoDaddy company shows "Buddy" as coming from:

Click here  and here for screen shots.


GoDaddy slams purebred breeders, yet seems to have purchased a puppy from one (my guess... a puppy mill, or close to it).  It appears they'll be exploiting this puppy for some time to come according to this article.


I sincerely hope the Golden Retriever Club of America has a thing or two to say about this.

To the breeder of the puppy who was used in such a way, SHAME ON YOU!

Dear REPUTABLE breeder friends.  I challange you to do two things.  1) claim the host of your website on your page, and 2) boycott GoDaddy.

Here are a few hosts you might consider for your domain:


My website is kindly hosted by WP-ORG.


update:  GoDaddy got a LOT of negative feedback.  They've pulled the ad:

That's good, but I still have a few concerns:

  • That someone thought the ad funny or productive.
  • or... that this was an attention getting scheme
  • That a breeder allowed a puppy that young (approx 8 weeks) to be used in a commercial
  • That the same breeder sold the puppy to a COMPANY (not a specific vetted buyer)


It is looking more and more like this was all to get attention.  Well.. they got my attention.  We will never have GoDaddy host a site for us:

Thou Shall Not Steal
Tuesday, 04 March 2014

 We have included a LOT of graphics to this page.  We have not always (read that seldom) put our name on it, perhaps blindly so, as we never considered anyone would want to steal the image of someone's Labrador and post it as their own.  It happes too often to count.  Sadly, the innocent person who is looking for a puppy, contact a breeder, send them the image of a darling puppy, or have one on their web page, and these unknowing people purchase the puppy.  Of course the breeder's puppy looks nothing like the image they received, and by then the new buyer often feels "had", but have already invested good money on having their puppy delivered to them. I have heard all sorts of horror stories of adult dogs being sent rather than puppies, and sick puppies being sent that are obviously not the puppy in provided picture.  Of course the "breeder" can't be contacted following delivery. Please, don't purchase puppies from a photograph.  It is ALWAYS best to see the home of the breeder, meet the puppies, and the other dogs on the property.  In the age of Photoshop, you can not believe an image on a computer.  

We are going to try harder in the future to watermark all images put on our page.  However, they also steal articles.  That's even more frustrating.   

There are legal routes to get these done, but instead, I have selected a more passive-aggressive manner to do it.  I have a page devoted to these special thieves.   I have them listed there.  As you can see, many refuse to remove the images/articles, so I just leave the links to them on that page so people can see their dishonesty (theft of Intellectual property) for everyone to see.  If they will lie to you by using the photos others dogs, imagine what they will do to you when they send you a puppy you may purchace from them.  You won't be getting what you ordered, and when someone will cheat through theft, they won't hesitate to cheat you!  Click here to see that page. I only list those whohave stolen from me.  I have not listed that MANY others who have stolen from friends.  I would never purchase a puppy from someone who would steal from another person. 

This is happening more and more on Facebook.  BEWARE of any Labrador FB page that has nearly a million followers, and boasts of those half-million followers (when you send out millions of friend requests, you get half a million "followers" in return.  This person has been stealing the images of other breeders for years.  Remember, if people are showing photos of puppies other than their own, in an attempt to woo you with photos of sweet puppies, and they don't own that puppy, what in heaven's name do you suppose you'll be getting?  I have heard horror stories!! 

REPUTABLE BREEDERS DO NOT STEAL. Reputable breeders don't publish picture after picture of puppies not their own.  Reputable breeders have more than enough photos of their own.  

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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Saturday, 28 April 2012


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